Leading the pack in Motorsports big data analysis

At Faster Analytics we take a scientific approach on motorsports scouting and understanding athlete performance by using our independently developed Racing Evaluation and Confirmation Technology or in short RE-aCT. Our data driven algorithm is created to analyse and evaluate qualitative information from open source data, race reports, news articles, analysis, team feedback etc. into a combined database and utilize that into quickly understandable and unbiased results. 

We provide motorsports professionals with scientific assessments and unbiased evaluations of individual racing athlete performances, enabling manufacturers and team managers to decide and enforce rider and driver line ups, as well as athletes and their managers to state their case towards teams, sponsors and championships. ​ 

Faster Analytics is unassociated with any party which allows us to give honest and independent new insights to race teams, manufacturers, media and sponsors about racing performance and to use it for their advantage. 


Faster Analytics is a Dutch start-up that utilizes big data in motorsports. Inspired by the movie Moneyball (2011) we use our RE-aCT to provide motorsports professionals with unique insights on athlete performance and subsequently which (overlooked) talents to follow and how to gain a competitive edge.​ 

Faster Analytics offers a complete Big data insight in major international motorsport classes and can provide the following information:

An example from the Faster Analytics database

  • A unique scouting & evaluation system in motorsports
  • New insights in racing performance based on our Algorithm
  • Unbiased performance evaluation
  • Single & multi season evaluation
  • Measurement of racers growth and development
  • Sponsorship & fanbase score
  • A balanced performance comparison between racers from different classes
  • Detailed information about many professionals in racing

Faster Analytics does the research so you can make the decisions!

Faster Analytics Racing big data example

Faster Analytics RE-aCT has evaluated performances of a multitude of athletes in many professional racing classes. Our system has already been used in several World Championships, due to client discretion we cannot disclose further details but we can state that several victories have been celebrated.

Our services are:

  • Advise on talent scouting and driver/rider selection 
  • Season evaluation of selected racers
  • Direct comparison of two or multiple talents
  • Team performance evaluation
  • Overall overviews in strengths and weaknesses of every competitor in a class
  • End of season management reporting 
  • Racing performance dashboard

If you're interested to learn more then please contact us by requesting a free example of our Racing comparison.